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What is the most powerful object

So what is the most powerful object in the universe it is black holes in my opinion

Why does you think black holes as powerfull

Basically I explained about the lightning speed in my first article hears a summery . So light can travel 7.5 times around the earth in a second.So it is supper fast. Do you remember when you trow a pen at something it goes there it doesen’t fall right besides you it goes . Then were is the outstanding gravity . When you trow your pen it has a speed so it kind of cancel the gravity but speed of the pen slows down overtime becouse of the air and fall to the ground. But in space theres no air to slow the power down so it goes at the same speed at everytime but the gravity canceling effect thingi works in the space too so now think about a light that travels in the space no harm from any object in the way there becouse the gravity canceling then the light see a black pit and thinks to wonder around it a little bit and enters the black holes horizen then thinks you know what I’ll go to a nearby star but it cant. Becouse of the gravity of the black hole and the light becomes a nother treat for the black hole. And this is the reson scientist even know there are black holes. No black holes are not a black ball it is a small ball that has a lot of gravity with the power to even eat light .

Okay now you know about the black holes then let’s learn facts about the black hole

  • Black holes are kind of dens. If you have a quarter big black hole it will waight over 2-3kg and eat up you in a second
  • If you were eaten by the black hole you will not die you were broken down to peaces of atoms and you will be free after the death of the black hole
  • Okay now let’s talk about how much time does your atoms have to live in a black hole. Bigger the black hole the better becouse if the black hole is small it brake down you for peaces fast but doesn’t die fast but in the other hand is the big black holes brake you slowly but dies fast. But the fast isn’t that fast biggest black hole ever founded lives a astimate of googol of years. No no not that google. The number googol. The resone why google named them selves google.

So what is a googol means ?

Googol is a big number we can ever only imagine googol consist of a number 1 with 100 zeros next to it it shows something like this ( 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000).Nice number I wonder is there a black hole that lives 69 googol years

First picture of the black hole

Picture you see is a picture of the first picture of an black hole. So yes all the photos you saw before are not real . But how they got it if the black hole is black so how do they got it. What you see in the picture is, light circle around a black hole ( link - https://images.app.goo.gl/2jYLZbBbnucWe86UA)

And this is a art virson of that

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