6 Facts about the solar system

Seneth saranga
3 min readDec 20, 2021

Did you now if the jupiter became a little bigger it will be a dwarf star. Thank god that didn’t happend or we will be boild

Did you know you are standing on the biggest planet. Before you say anything the biggest rockey planet it means earth is the biggest planet made of rocks. And the second is venus

We have seen countless images of the solar system and you know the sun is big but does you know sun takes about 99% of the entire solar system . WoW man sun is bigggg

Now go to a room and switch on the light and calculate how much time it took to go to the other side. How much is it.Ha ha you can’t calculate it can you ? But I can say it. It can travel 7.5 times the earths equator in just a second. Light travels so slow(joke)

How much time does you want to live a year in mercury or a year in the earth how about a year of the last planet in the solar system neptune. A year in the last planet in the solar system comes to around 165 years. Oh thats a cool life get it get it becouse neptune is the coldest planet in the solar system

In the science class you learned there are no Microorganism in the space it might be false. Becouse scientist tried sending a Microorganism called tardigrade (they are supper ressistents and can survive in a vacuum)to moon. But let’s just say it didn’t go well and the rocket exploded. And now there are Microorganism living in the space.Hello are the stars glowing are they Microorganisms( joke )

Bonus fact you have a whole country of Microorganisms living in your body.And face. On your face when they die they explode poop every wear. Your face is so clean