mae5 ways to make money without money in 2022

Seneth saranga
3 min readFeb 3, 2022


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After reading

wait a bit

I want you to read this fast and get on with your life so If you want to learn more I recommend watching some youtube videos.

Youtube channel

You can start a youtube channel now and grow it over time and get money with ad sense

Yeah, it is neither crazy money nor a way to get rich quickly. But after some time you can publish merch, get sponsors and grow your money. And it is a good hobby to have

Instagram page selling.

You can get to your Instagram now and make an account to post other content exchange for

credits. You can copy the link of a video and post it on your themed Instagram page

and give credits in the comments and grow your audience over time and when it reaches a certain point sell the account for the money. some accounts with 30k followers in some niches sometimes sell for more than 300$(You can do this with youtube too)

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Instagram monetizing.

If you are not ready to sell your page you can make even more money by monetizing your account by just making a T-shirt design according to your niche and doing print on demand with Teespring or other websites.


If you have some skill that is hard to catch on to or have good demand. You can monetize your skills as long as you have the skill. If you don’t have any skills like that you can check out youtube, a great site to learn new things.

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flipping items and games

You can go to Facebook marketplace. Go to the free section. Find an offer. Get the item.

Sell it for money.Stinks.But if you are not old you can even flip gaming accounts

for money on the g2g website.

What I think

Now you know you don’t need a fortune to make a fortune. And know how easy it is to make money. What are you waiting for? Leave the site and start working. Now

Thank you for reading.

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